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[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – July 07, 2020 - Xiaomi launches the Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet

( Xiaomi has launched the Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet on its Youpin platform. The smart toilet is one out of a long list of quality products manufactured by its eco-chain partners. The product keeps up with the minimalist but quality attribute for which Xiaomi products are known.



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – July 07, 2020 - Sony’s Reon Pocket wearable Air Conditioner now on sale in Japan

( Sony has finally launched the Reon Pocket wearable air-conditioning device for sale in Japan. The innovative device was first launched for crowdfunding under Sony’s First Flight project around August last year. The device carries a retail price of 13,000 yen (~$120).


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[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – June 23, 2020 - Quickly cool down any room with a 4-in-1 air conditioner for just $70

( With summer officially here and the temperatures rising, our comfort levels indoors start to decline. If you live in an area where air conditioning is either limited or not enough to keep you cool, the : Personal Evaporative Cooler is bound to be your new favorite gadget. Best yet, you don't have to spend a lot of money for high-quality results — you can purchase it today at 30% off.



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – June 23, 2020 - Smart cradle gives waking babies the bounce

( Getting a good night's sleep is not normally listed among the joys of parenting, and anything that could help your baby and yourself catch some extra rest is worth a look. The Cradlewise cradle is designed to do just that, by automatically bouncing waking babies back to sleep.




[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – July 03, 2020 - NANO.bic Smart Training Suit gives you a more effective workout

( Have you been looking for a way to take your workouts to the next level? The NANO.bic Smart Training Suit might be...



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – July 03, 2020 - Japanese startup Donut Robotics creates c-mask with bluetooth connectivity for smartphone, tablet

( The white plastic c-mask can transcribe speech into text messages, make calls, or amplify the mask wearer`s voice.



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – June 26, 2020 - Yeeu K1 Smart Lock Box Gives Airbnb Homeowners A Convenient Way To Give Guests Their House Keys

( Many people choose to put their rental properties on Airbnb, as it lets them earn money on rent without dealing with...



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – June 26, 2020 - HiccAway Is A Straw That Vows To Stop Hiccups Every Single Time

( Everybody gets hiccups. And while everyone’s got their own 100 percent effective solution for making the spasms stop,...


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