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[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 18, 2021 – Albicchiere Lets You Enjoy An Opened Bottle Of Wine For Up To Six Months

( Billed as a “smart wine dispenser,” it’s a countertop appliance designed to house a single bottle of wine and preserve it, so you can enjoy a single glass while making the whole bottle last a whole lot longer. That way, you can enjoy an entire bottle of vino by the glass whenever you feel like it instead of being forced to either drink an entire bottle in a short time or put it all to waste.



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 18, 2021 – The Redison Senstroke Playing The Drums On Any Surface

( Playing drums is fun. Having a neighbor who plays drums? Not so much. The darn things are just too loud. But, the Redison Senstroke offers another alternative.


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[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 12, 2021 – Solar-Breeze: Pool cleaning robot removes up to 95% of debris

( If you own a pool, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be to clean the water after use. Fortunately, the Solar-Breeze Ariel solar pool cleaner provides a smart and efficient solution by collecting and retaining particles down to 200 microns in size. And it’s simple to use.



[WORDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 12, 2021 – Dozzy Cozy AirCozy interactive smart pillow helps you to enjoy a healthy sleep

( The DozzyCozy AirCozy interactive smart pillow is a health-focused bedding solution for consumers who are looking to take more control over their nightly comfort and get a better sleep in a simple way.




[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 17, 2021 – Pocus Wearable Neuromodulation Device to Maintain The Health of Your Brain

( Pocus is a wearable neuromodulation device concept to maintain the health of your brain. This device is capable to...



[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 17, 2021 - BULO Intelligent Breath Health Assistant

( One of the most important exercise that we do without even realizing is breathing however in today society your lungs...



The mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

( Around Phonsavan, the main city of Xiangkhoang province in Laos, is a large plain with thousands of stone jars....



Exploring Terminal 21 Shopping Mall – Each floor of the mall is a world-famous city

( Terminal 21 Bangkok which makes your dream of traveling around the world come true in the center of Bangkok, with...


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