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Bangkok Seashell Museum (Thailand) : The largest seashell museum in Southeast Asia

( The Seashell Museum in Rawai contains and displays valuable seashells from all over the world. Many are among the most sought-after by collectors and are from Phuket and Thai waters. It's a perfect attraction to keep kids and adults entertained on a rainy day.



(VietKings.Values) The Journey To Promote Vietnam Records (P.57) – Ba Chua Xu Temple

( - Bà Chúa Xứ or Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu (Holy Mother of the Realm) is a prosperity goddess of southern Vietnam's Thanism. She is a tutelary of business, health, and a protector of the Vietnamese border. She is considered prestigious and is worshipped in her temple in Vĩnh Tế village at the foot of Sam Mountain, An Giang province. A three-day festival is held in the village at the beginning of the rainy season, beginning on the twenty-third day of the fourth lunar month, in her honour. Bà Chúa Xứ reached her peak of popularity in the 1990s and still entertains pilgrims every year with her responsiveness to loyal followers.


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(ASEAN.Values ) Batubulan(Bali)– the largest center of stone carving in Indonesia.

( - Batubulan is one of the most famous villages of the island. It is no accident, because this place is the largest center of stone carving.



WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – November 14, 2018 - Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Toilet Goes Into Crowdfunding For 1299 Yuan ($187)

( Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, now has three generations of smart toilets. It first released the Xiaomi smart toilet which comes with a 1199 yuan ($172) price tag. Then it unveiled the Xiaomi smart toilet youth edition for 799 yuan ($115). Today, the company announced that the Xiaomi smart toiled AI version has gone into crowdfunding aand it comes with a 1299 yuan ($187) price tag. This toilet is also produced by Hangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for its AI control center.




(ASEAN.Values ) Silver work from Koto Gadang, Indonesia.

( - Silver handicrafts are synonymous with one area called Kotagede in Yogyakarta. However, in West Sumatra, there...



Dessert Museum (Philippines) : The first dessert museum in Southeast Asia

( The Dessert Museum is 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness. This is the only museum you’ll ever slide...



WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – November 15, 2018 - Neat Jug UV Water Purifier

( Purify your water in just 90 seconds with the Neat Jug UV Water Purifier.



(VietKings.Values) The Journey To Promote Vietnam Records (P.55) – Black Virgin Mountain

( - Black Virgin Mountain (Vietnamese: Núi Bà Đen meaning "Black Lady Mountain", Khmer: Phnom Chol...


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