[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 5, 2021 – Mivo Fox: 3 in 1 headset of Perpetual Power Source


(WorldKings.org) With the Mivo Fox perpetual earphones, you’ll never experience the stress of a low battery. These wireless earbuds have a sport band with a built-in battery pack that adds 26 extra hours of playtime!

It has titanium inside and silicone outside, and it magnetically attaches to the Mivo Fox earbuds. The built-in battery on the sport-band adds an extra 16 hours of playtime when magnetically connected to the Mivo earbuds.

Also, the sport-band can be conveniently powered up when the earbuds are fully charged, or when not in use.



During connection, Mivo Fox uses the Neodymium iron boron powerful magnet. NdFeB’s magnetic strength possesses the highest product performance, its forging process is complex, and the small area's magnetic solder link is exquisite technology.



The casting process of liquid silicone is done through LSR injection molding, which is often used in baby products and medical products. However, most sports headphones use solid silica gel, which is often used in industrial products such as rubber.  Long-term use can prove to be detrimental to the human body.



Mivo’s cutting-edge chips allow both earbuds to operate in a master mode, which means each earbud can receive and transmit audio signals individually, offering seamless transit from two to either one freely.  



When you take both earbuds out from the charging case, they will automatically connect to previously paired device for stereo sound; when you take only one earbud out from the charging case, it can be paired to your device for mono sound.



For instance, you and your friend can each take one earbud and pair it with your separate devices and enjoy music individually; also, either one of the earbuds can perform independently even if the other one is lost or missing. Battery percentage can be displayed on the screen for timely charging.


According to Indiegogo


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