[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 5, 2021 - THE.WAVE.TALK informs the standards of “healthy water”


(Worldkings.org) Tap water can be contaminated in the process of transferring from the water purification plant to home through the water supply pipe. It is difficult to check with the naked eye, and there is no sensor that prevents people from drinking contaminated water at home. To solve this problem, THE.WAVE.TALK has developed SensCup, a home water sensor that allows anyone to check water quality anytime, anywhere.

SensCup is an IoT water sensor that measures the turbidity, an indicator of water pollution, within 10 seconds, and inspects the total amount of foreign substances in the water. When you put a glass filled with water in SensCup, the laser analyzes the water quality and notifies if the turbidity exceeds the limit.


This sensor, which can measure turbidity as small as 0 to 4 NTU, displays the red signal when the turbidity exceeds 0.5 NTU, the water quality standard set by law. This can be checked through the mobile app.


Along with SensCup, THE.WAVE.TALK is also releasing the Bacometer. It is a professional in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device for quickly examining microorganisms. Usually, it takes several hours to perform UTI tests, but with Bacometer, results can be found out within 30 minutes.


According to VietnamPlus


Kimmy (According to Worldkings.org) - (Source of photo: internet)

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