[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights January 6, 2021 – GripBeats: Turn Your Hands Into A Music Instrument


(Worldkings.org) Learn the art of making music through your hands' movements and touch using our wearable technology. Create music in any style, sound or instrument with a device that connects to your smart device or computer wirelessly over Bluetooth.

GripBeats isn't just any ordinary musical instrument; it's wearable. And because it's wearable, it uses your hands' movements and touch to make music.



GripBeats can be used in multiple ways; as an extended controller for each hand, the wrist, or even on a flat surface. The patent-pending adaptable multi-instrument design makes use of 3-dimensional space, acceleration, and direction for making music.



GripBeats’ App (iOS/Android) allows growing gestures-to-music configurations and lessons on how to play music virtually, through movement. Design new instruments and configurations for making music in your own way as well as with over a dozen preconfigured modes in the GripBeats App.




The rotational strap design allows you to wear GripBeats as a standalone bracelet, otherwise called 'Wrist Mode'. When extended to fit around the palm of your hand in a double loop fashion, 'Grip Mode', GripBeats allows the full interactivity and sensitivity of your fingers' and palms' touch as well as your wrists' motion.



Finally, 'Surface Mode' is your traditional piano or drum pad layout that allows you to play flat out on any surface. A fourth option allows you to use GripBeats however you want! 

According to Indiegogo

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