[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – July 07, 2020 - Xiaomi launches the Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet


(WorldKings.org) Xiaomi has launched the Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet on its Youpin platform. The smart toilet is one out of a long list of quality products manufactured by its eco-chain partners. The product keeps up with the minimalist but quality attribute for which Xiaomi products are known.

Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet is equipped with a patented smart lifting technology independently developed by the company. The toilet bowl can be adjusted at the region between the floor and the seat ring to the most comfortable height for a user according to the height of the user. In this way, even children with a height of about 90cm can use the toilet without extra pads. It also solves the problem of toilet posture for people with different heights as adults can easily achieve 35° Squat on the toilet seat.



It supports intelligent soft-washing technology, sprays bubbles of water, and the water is fine and gentle. After cleaning, the warm air function is activated. By moving the position of the air outlet, the overall warm air effect is stronger, and the overall comfort is more refreshing.



The clamshell-shaped lid lifts automatically when someone approaches such that you don’t need to bend or manually flip the lid open. As soon as the user leaves, the lid closes automatically.

The toilet seat comes with a five-speed temperature adjustment of the seat ring, 24V heating, no dead angle in all aspects, and continuous constant temperature without leakage. This should make it comfortable to use the toilet in winter.



The Jenner XS Fully Automatic Flip Integrated Smart Toilet comes in different options but starts at 4699 yuan (~$665) for the manual flip version. The automatic flip version starts at 5699 yuan (~$806). The smart toilet is available in six colour options.

According to gizmochina


Xiang Yun (According to worldkings.org) - (Source of photo : Internet)

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