[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights November 10, 2020 – Tablefarm: The smart indoor microgarden


(worldkings.org) Microgreens are great, they lend your food a good load of nutritional punch and aromatic flavor without filling you up too much because of their small size. That makes them a great addition to many dishes. Problem is - they can be quite expensive, hard to find, and quick to spoil, which has relegated their use primarily to restaurants and cafes. The Tablefarm lets you grow a small garden of microgreens right in your own home.

Tablefarm is the smart indoor microgarden that is designed to grow microgreens, effortless and hassle-free. An active lifestyle and healthy eating should go hand-in-hand. Ironically however, with a busy life, it's easy to neglect the fuel your body needs to keep going. Tablefarm makes it convenient and effortless to help you incorporate microgreens into your diet, no matter how busy you are.



Microgreens are vegetables and herbs harvested just as they develop their first set of true leaves in about 7 to 10 days. They are small in size and yet packed with macro and micronutrients. With homegrown microgreens, you will avoid all the bad GMOs, pesticides, and plastic waste. They contain just as many vitamins and minerals as they would as full-grown plants — or even more! Additionally, these tiny powerhouses, are also just a lot of fun to add to your dishes and experiment within the kitchen. They come in all different colors, flavors, and shapes. 



All of the seed pads are produced solely from virgin, sustainably-sourced raw materials. They contain no pathogens, no GMOs, or plastic waste. You can have piece of mind knowing your microgreens are purely organic and 100% good for you and the planet.



When you have finished harvesting your microgreens, it's easy to clean and start fresh. Simply disassemble tablefarm and put the parts into your dishwasher. It’s ready for another round of seeds right away. The beautiful microgreens grow ready to serve in about 7 to 10 days.



Microgreen seedlings require optimal lighting, and tablefarm's LED lights deliver just that! They cover all the light wavelengths helping boost your plant’s photosynthesis process making it grow into that tiny superfood. The automated timer is set for optimal  growth so you can enjoy luscious greens effortlessly. The LEDs emit every wavelength between ultraviolet and infrared, without the usual high price tag. tablefarm’s optimized lighting modules achieve industry-leading energy efficiency scores.

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