[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights November 13, 2020 - Dropi touchless hand sanitizer dispenser mounts anywhere and senses motion


(WorldKings.org) Dropi is a hands-free, automatic dispenser to sanitize your hands on the go. It's refillable, mounts anywhere, and has an advanced motion sensor. Seriously, you can put this sanitizer dispenser in your car, on a wall, or on your desk. You can even attach it to your bike’s handlebars!


Mount the Dropi touchless hand sanitizer dispenser anywhere you want. And this motion-sensing touchless sanitizer dispenser knows when you put your hand under it, so you never encounter germs. It's compatible with any hand cleanser from bougie name brands to DIY options. We don't care which kind you use as long as you're using one.




Designed with a refillable bottle, this touch-free dispenser works with your favorite gel sanitizer. So you can stop buying a bunch of small plastic sanitizer bottles and instead refill this one. With an easy-to-use design, this portable dispenser offers an efficient solution that releases just the right amount of sanitizer into your hand.



Each Dropi dispenser comes included with a standard mount. You will select your preferred, standard mount via survey after the campaign ends. There are five standard mounts and one premium (Magnetic Flat Mount) option to choose from. Dropi won't cause your car to explode. Be sure the sanitizer you're using hasn't expired and that everything is tightly closed every time you refill Dropi.



Finally, with this gadget in high-traffic areas, you and everyone in your house will remember to clean their hands frequently.

According to Indiegogo

Kimmy (According to Worldkings.org) - (Source of photo : internet)

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