[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights November 13, 2020 - VAE Energy Spray gives you instant caffeine in your pocket


(WorldKings.org) Designed by neuroscientists, VAE Energy Spray provides an espresso’s worth of caffeine in just two sprays. With each VAE packing 16 coffees’ worth of caffeine, it’ll give you energy whenever you need it.

Each VAE contains as much caffeine as 16 leading energy drinks, 6 leading energy shots, or 30 espresso shots. Every packs 51 energizing sprays to keep you alert, focused, and energized in a matter of seconds. Designed to provide 2-3 weeks of energy, VAE is there for you whenever you need it. VAE is a great pocket-size addition to your everyday life - designed to be brought with you like your phone, wallet, and keys. VAE offers a quick, convenient boost whenever you’re on the go.




Given that you can spray it into your water bottle or directly onto your tongue, VAE is great when you don’t have time to brew a coffee or buy an energy drink. This thing is quick and convenient whenever you need a boost, VAE easily fits into your pocket or purse. With its sleek design, it complements any style. VAE was created for the "doer", people who work hard and get stuff done. Whether you are on your feet all day, or working from home, VAE is there to get you through your tasks. 




Though its primary ingredient is caffeine, VAE also contains 2 additional ingredients that reduce the caffeine jitters and crash. With these, VAE is made of 6 components: water, caffeine, NALT, Rhodiola rosea, three sweeteners (sucralose, ace k and xylitol) and natural flavoring. Taking their health and yours very seriously, so the company chose to use only a small number of highly effective ingredients to provide a clean energy experience.



Focus - Energy - Neuroprotection. These core ingredients work together to produce a clean and powerful energy - all in the palm of your hand. More than just caffeine, VAE helps you find the right mindset to get stuff done. VAE comes in two sleek variants: black/gold and white/rose-gold. A survey will be provided after the campaign has finished to select your options.

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