[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights November 15, 2020 - Lather Boss Is the World’s First Heated, Self-Foaming Shave Brush


(WorldKings.org) When you use your hand to produce lather, your beard gets pressed down, which might result in cuts, nicks or ingrown hairs when you shave. Never worry about that when you shave using Lather Boss-the world’s first auto heated foam shaving brush.

There are few rituals more cathartic than a good, wet shave. Not long ago, before the dawn of electric razors and canned shaving foam, hot water shaving was a part of virtually every man’s grooming routine. Thankfully, many men are now rediscovering the simple joy of a hot wet shave, and one of the most important tools used in the process (second only to a quality razor) is a good shaving brush. Enter Lather Boss, the world’s first heated self-foaming shave brush that brings a barbershop-style wet shave right into your bathroom.




The 'Lather Boss' shave brush is a shaving accessory for men and women alike that will enable them to enjoy a comfortable grooming experience every day. The brush works by being paired with a can of aloe-infused shaving foam from the brand or a two-ounce travel bottle to make it as applicable as possible for users of all kinds. The device comes in Travel and Heat model choices, which are designed with on-the-go convenience and a barbershop-inspired experience, respectively.



The 'Lather Boss' shave brush features premium bristles that will spread foam evenly and completely across the skin to envelop each hair in foam. This is reported to deliver an exceptionally clean and comfortable shave that could also last far longer than with traditional shaving procedures.



The Lather Boss happily handles all of these tasks, but also brings the centuries-old design of the classic shaving brush into the 21st century. This innovative brush utilizes travel-sized shaving cream cartridges which simply pop right into the handle (with each two-ounce cartridge giving you about 20 shaves). This foam is then warmed up via the powered heating dock, and with some pressure applied to the base of the Lather Boss, the hot foam is loaded into the bristles and you’re ready to start lathering right on your face – no soap mug or bowl needed.



The shaving brushes Lather Boss produces a hot lather that opens the pores and softens the skin, making it easier for you to shave. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells, so not only you keep your skin smooth, but it will also look more refreshed. Full-sized Lather Boss Heat with heating dock will be priced at $110 while the smaller Lather Boss On-The-Go will ring in at $35. 

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