[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights – November 8, 2020 – The C-Face Smart mask translates 8 languages


(WorldKings.org) Mask - they’re everywhere in this COVID-19 world we now live in. Besides being hot and uncomfortable, they really have a way of hindering communication. Losing the ability to see someone’s lips makes communicating harder. If you’re trying to converse with someone that speaks a different language, things get even harder.

Enter Donut Robotics, a Japanese company that specializes in robots. They are developing C-Face, a smart mask that connects to your smartphone, offering transcription and language translation in eight languages. C-FACE” was developed with the concept of “C”, which is five: Clear voice, Connect with smartphone, Cool design, Clean material, Combat with Coronavirus. 



The mask is worn by connecting C-Face to a traditional mask with elastic ear bands. C-Face will contain some sort of battery power source. The mask will connect with your smartphone and pop up realtime transcription and translation.



C-Face Smart app can transcribe spelling, amplify the voice of the person wearing the mask, and translate words into 8 different languages ​​including Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese, English, Spanish and French. They are expected to ship in January 2021 for 3890 yen, or about $37 US. They will also have a monthly fee and a usage fee based on the amount of translation.

According to The Gadgeteer


Kimmy (According to Worldkings.org) - (Source of photo : internet)

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