WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – September 11, 2019 - Keurig K-Mini Plus: The Sleek Portable Coffee Maker!


( Make a delicious cup of coffee anywhere with the Keurig K-Mini Plus Portable Coffee Maker. Under five inches wide, this slim brewer allows you to have great coffee no matter where you are.

The Keurig K-Mini Plus is a new take on the old K-Mini K15 coffee brewer. The original K-Mini featured a clunky, bulky design, but it was one of the smallest single-serving coffee makers that Keurig offered. With the release of the K-Mini Plus, Keurig has refined the design, improving on the aesthetics, size, and brewing capability of their bite-sized brewer. Our first impression is that it is a stellar direction to take the Keurig line.

When space and portability are important, Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Maker, It brews 6 oz, 8 oz,10 oz and 12 oz size cups in under two minutes Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Maker is a compact personal coffee maker, portable and great for small spaces It makes single cup brewing fast, convenient and simple .

To operate, simply add fresh water into the removable, single-use reservoir, choose your favorite K-Cup pod, brew, and enjoy! Display more of your favorite beverages than ever before with the Keurig K-Cup Pod Carousel 

The added capacity lets you store up to 36 K-Cup pods in one convenient display, so your favorite beverages are always at hand Whether you’re entertaining guests by offering a variety of beverages, or just trying to keep your kitchen clean. 

It’s the perfect storage accessory The sleek, chrome finish makes the Keurig K-Cup Pod Carousel the perfect countertop complement to any Keurig coffee maker, and the space saving design means it won’t take up too much room, either The 360°rotation ensures three dozen of your favorite K-Cup pods – whether you enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or more – are always ready to be brewed Made from high-quality metal, it meets the highest standards for product quality and safety.

According to in.c.mi

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