Defense Service Museum (Myanmar) : The largest military museum in Southeast Asia


( The Defence Services Museum (Naypyidaw) in Zeyathiri Township is on an area of 603.68 acres. It is opened to enable the youth and people to learn the independence struggles, historic battles and actions of the Armed Forces since its birth in 1945 till now, and to imbue the spirit to safeguard the independence.

There are six booths of the Armed Force, three booths of the Navy and three booths of the Air, and one Guest Lounge each of the Armed Force, Navy and Air Force as well as corridors and rest halls with restaurants and souvenir shops.

In the museum, there can be seen the royal items used by ancient Myanmar kings, ancient and present time Myanmar military equipment, the items used by patriotic leaders in their independence struggles , furniture used by the Thirty Comrades while taking an oath of allegiance by drinking blood, the items used by patriotic leaders in their independence struggles, mementoes from foreign countries, the ancient Myanmar heroes’ statues, international relations with foreign countries, documentary photos and pictures and facts about the Tatmadaw from its birth to the present time and Military Archive.

According to

Yun Ruan (Collect and Nominate for the Asean Record) - (Source of photos: internet)

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