Sablayan Zipline Adventure (Philippines) : The longest island-to-island zipline in Southeast Asia


( Situated on top of the hill at Presing Park (also known locally as the Parola Park), the main zipline tower stands at an imposing 21-meters tall. That may not sound that impressive, but when you consider that Presing Park itself is already very high, the cumulative total is enough to make even seasoned mountain climbers dizzy.

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by the zipline team, who are dedicated to ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe experience. They’ll give you a briefing, which includes tips about safety, before weighing you to ensure that you’re not over the 150kg weight limit.

Then it’s time to get your gear on, which the zipline crew will assist you with so that everything’s perfect for your impending descent. With your helmet firmly seated on your head, it’s time to start climbing that tower.

But it’s not just your ordinary zipline tower. They’ve actually maximized its use by incorporating wall climbing and abseiling elements. People can climb up one side and then repel down the other. Okay, so it’s not quite as thrilling as riding the main zipline, but it’s a fantastic addition nonetheless and gives people an alternative activity to try.

According to wheninmanila

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