Located in a complex of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels … opened in late September on Rama IV Road, the tunnel with transparent glass is the new check-in point for Bangkok youth and visitors.

The tunnel is about 120 m long, connecting the Samyan subway station (exit 2) and the commercial center, which is invested to build at a cost of about 300 million baht. Several glassed sections allow you to see the entire underlying structure.                    

The tubular design, the white and gray colors of the concrete look rough but make many people think of the spaceship, evoking the curiosity of visitors.

It is known that the road under Samyan Mitrtown tunnel about 120 meters long. It has a similar shape to the MRT (subway) tunnel and is the tunnel connecting Samyan subway station 2nd Exit and Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall.

This tunnel is designed like a spaceship with several sections of the road surface made of transparent glass that visitors can see through the infrastructure below the tunnel.

After exiting the tunnel, you go to a shopping mall with all kinds of brands, food court … It is only about 1.6km from Siam, so it is quite convenient to travel by subway, bus or tuk tuk.

According to Travelmag