Adventure Cove features seven different spectacular and unique water rides ranging from thrilling rides to seemingly mellow rides for the faint of heart so everyone can enjoy Experience a day of immersion in the cool, refreshing and fun-filled waters.



In here, the most fun place is the water slide. Not only children but all ages will surely love the Duelling Racer game, two people lying on a board and sliding into the water at fast speed, the first person to reach the line wins. Next is the game Spiral Washout and Whirlpool Washout, everyone will be caught in the whirlpool in a large funnel before falling into the lake below. There’s also the Riptide Rocket game – which has a strong name but its speed seems to be smoother, as it is the first magnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia (meaning its surface will be smoother).



A unique attraction of Adventure Cove Water Park is the famous “Ray Bay” Stingray Bay, which allows visitors to get up close to the rays, feed them and feel the slippery scales as they move. nonchalantly swim past you. There is also the Rainbow Reef area, home to more than 20,000 fish.



When participating in the games at Adventure Cove water park, visitors are always fully equipped with protective gear, moreover, a team of security and rescue staff is always present to ensure the safety of visitors.

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