Accordingly, the southernmost part of Thailand is expected to become an attractive destination in the near future with the longest aerial glass bridge in Southeast Asia – Ai Yerweng Skywalk. The first images of Ai Yerweng Skywalk in Betong District, Yala Province, Thailand have also been revealed.

With a length of 61 meters, Ai Yerweng Skywalk stretches and overlooks a famous forest valley in Yala province. With the observatory, tourists can admire the scenery about 100m from the ground. The fog surrounding the bridge makes everything become romantic and extremely “magical”.

In Thailand, the King Power Mahanakhon building in the capital Bangkok is home to the country’s tallest observatory with a height of 314m and a glass balcony up to 310m. Or like the northern Thai province of Nong Khai, there is also an eye-catching aerial bridge.


Compared to the above works, Ai Yerweng Skywalk of Yala province is advertised as a scenic spot in the middle of a beautiful “sea of mist”. It is known that at present, the construction of Ai Yerweng Skywalk has been completed about 80% but has been delayed by the COVID-19 epidemic. The outbreak of a pandemic more or less hindered construction because some materials could not be imported from China.

With an estimated construction budget of about 93 million baht (about 3 million dollar), Ai Yerweng Skywalk is expected to go into operation by the end of this year to serve tourists.

According to Tien Phong