The resort is owned by Seven Seas Resorts and Leisure, Inc., and Aman Resorts. The name Amanpulo came from Aman which is Sanskrit for peace and pulo means island in Tagalog. The twinning of the two words results in the coining of “Amanpulo” or “peace island” in reference to the tranquil island of Pamalican.

To get here, guests need to book in advance as only private jets allow to come here, but the hotel will also provide plane transfers for those who do not have a private jet.

The resort has 40 casitas and villas built in imitation of local people’s houses, each with its own buggy for travel on the island.

Each villa has a private pool, separate bedroom, lounge and dining, outdoor lounge, and kitchen. All villas have chefs and butlers, and some have stunning garden views.

There is also a tennis court, a high-tech gym, air conditioning, and a 100m swimming pool.

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