This amazing show tells an amazing story about life by using light, music and sound which will wonder and amaze all visitors.

Come down to the waterfront and witness this fantastic show with the beautiful Singapore skyline in the backdrop. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this 13-minute showpiece of visual effects which has attracted more than 4 million visitors from all over the globe. Today, the show continues to play to over 30,000 spectators per week.

This magnificent show celebrates local talent and utilised a number of experienced artists to create a unique and original musical score, just for this show. During the show, visitors will be able to see and elegant fountain react to the musical score with 18 individually controlled fountains, lit up by LED lights, which reach up to 20 metres in height.

The show incorporates some of the most advanced and latest Laservision technology ever created. One such example is the Stella Ray.

Some extra information and figures can make many people surprise. There are three water screens spanning nearly 2000 square meters, 15 high-power lasers, 30 high-power searchlights, 9 high-definition video projectors, half a million watts of light, 250,000 LEDs and so on.

According to singaporetravelhub