Koto Gadang Agam is a village-level area in Agam District, West Sumatra. Since the Dutch occupation of this village, the people of this village have begun making silverware. The result of this silver handicraft is not only interested in the people who live around Agam, but also by the Dutch people who are there. Various types of silver handicrafts such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings when it was much in demand of Dutch women.


Over time, the name of Koto Gadang Agam became increasingly known as a maker of silver handicrafts in West Sumatra. Even around 1911, silver handicraft village is already known to the nations in Europe.

One that characterizes silver crafts in Koto Gadang Agam lies in its smooth shape and a less shiny color. This is a bit of an impression not too obvious when worn. Silver from Kota Gadang Agam is also very well known in the process of making it so as to make people abroad so impressed with the results.


Currently, silver handicrafts in Koto Gadang Agam have started favored by the overseas market. In addition to Europe, silver from this village also has touched the Asian market like Malaysia, Singapore, and some other neighboring countries.

Silver handicrafts price is very varied, between Rp10 thousand to Rp3 million, and some even reach Rp12 million. The price of one miniature gadang home sold for one and a half to two million rupiahs.

According to www.mitravelnews.blogspot.com