Led by Dato’ Dr Tan Kai Chah, together with a multi-disciplinary team, AALC’s dedicated outpatient and inpatient facilities for local and international patients of all ages, for whom it provides comprehensive and seamless patient care.

Up until now, AALC has performed more than 250 Living Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT) procedures to-dates, with consistently good clinical outcomes. The first liver transplant took place in 2002 and was the first liver transplant of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The AALC Living Donor Liver Transplantation programme is led by Dato’ Dr Tan Kai Chah, a renowned surgeon who has achieved many milestones in Asia and abroad: Performing a liver transplant first split in the UK in 1991; First paediatric living donor liver transplantation in the UK in 1993; First child donor liver transplant in Southeast Asia.

AALC also co-manages a dedicated liver ward and Intensive Care Unit, Parkway Asian Transplant Unit (PATU), at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. PATU offers cutting-edge medical technologies and personalised medical treatment for patients who require critical care.

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