Started by Amanda Cua, BackScoop gathers all the essential news and facts from the top agencies and compresses them into a single email that anybody can comprehend and read in minutes.

The newsletter is freely sent out to subscribers’ emails four times a week, from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Currently, thousands of SEA’s top founders, execs, VCs, and startup operators have read BackScoop. The newsletter might not be the most original, but it provides what the market lacks: insightful and engaging tech news content only within Southeast Asia.

Amanda Cua was born and raised in the Philippines and was just 19 years old when she launched BackScoop in 2021. It all started when she discovered that people like stories about products, businesses, and people – and how they are all connected. People needed bite-sized Southeast Asian news, but no tech media businesses were devoted to the region, so keeping up with all that’s happening in the evolving Southeast Asian tech scene isn’t easy, so she decided to set up a newsletter to address the issue. That was also the beginning of Backscoop.

Backscoop’s website was created with merely a signup button and a brief description of BackScoop. There were no articles, additional registration buttons, or anything else. Even though BackScoop hadn’t gotten a multi-million dollar round of funding a little over a year later, BackScoop was doing quite well. Amanda shared that she was stoked to have over 7,5k readers and over 22k social followers.

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