Voted one of the best airports in the world, now Changi Airport also makes the passenger flight experience much more enjoyable with a sliding tube system that takes passengers straight to the boarding gate.



After passing through the control door, the slide can be seen immediately. According to Insider, Changi Airport also has a larger slide at Terminal 3, considered “the world’s tallest slide at the airport”. This slide is up to 12 meters high, stretching over 4 floors of the airport, from the first floor to the basement 3. It is not clear how high the slide at station 4 is.



In order to gain access to either of these slides, passengers must spend $10 at any restaurant or retail shop in Changi Airport — which honestly seems like an easy thing to do. Just grab yourself some lunch or a travel pillow and you’re off.




The airport is located in the residential Changi area, the eastern end of Singapore, about 20 km from Marina Bay (Downtown Singapore), on a 13 square kilometer plot of land.



Changi International Airport, a large international air transportation hub (air transit port) and a very important gateway of Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular, not only attracts tourists by translation, convenient services, many classy “check-in” backgrounds but also possess strange facilities.

According to Travel Guide