Since its founding, 21 Cineplex has conducted a number of improvements and innovations, such as forming a cinema network with three separate brands, viz., Cinema 21, Cinema XXI and The Premiere to target different markets. 

Cinema 21 was the largest cinema network in Indonesia. Before the establishment of Cinema XXI, Cinema 21 controlled the overall market share of Indonesian filmgoers with varying ticket prices and types of films, with respect to the location and the target audience of the cinema chain.

Most Cinema 21 screens are equipped with Dolby sound systems, with some cinemas being THX-certified such as Hollywood XXI, Karawaci and Pluit Village XXI in Jakarta. After Cinema XXI was established, the number of Cinema 21 chains gradually decreased.

This cinema chain spans several major cities across Indonesia and most are located in shopping malls with Hollywood and Indonesian movies as main menus, equipped with Dolby Digital and THX sound systems. Recently, some cinemas have been equipped with Dolby Atmos, IMAX and IMAX with Laser.

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