The Astronomical Park project started in 2017 and has now completed the final items to prepare to open the door to welcome visitors.

The Astronomical Theme Park is surrounding central Harmony Lake which has a water surface of more than 6 hectares and is the township’s green lung. It will feature models explaining the process of the formation of the universe, the solar system, and the constellations clearly and interestingly.



Through architectural models, telescopic systems, and children’s play areas, basic astronomical knowledge such as the Big Bang, galaxies, stars, the solar system, and planets are presented most vividly.



This is one of the few large lake parks in the Southwest part of Hanoi which have been designed with an ideal green space for recreational activities, as well as a large space for residents, scientists, students, and visitors to explore and experience the mysteries of the universe.



Big Bang Square is the place to simulate today’s cosmic explosion with the highlight of the Big Bang tower with a small base, the higher the height and the wider. The zodiac square represents the sky, the circle contains 12 zodiac signs in astronomy.


The Milky Way Galaxy Garden is a spiral wall system, arranged into a mysterious and magical labyrinth garden.

Solar System Square has signposts information so that children and visitors can better understand the surrounding planets of Earth.




It can be said that the launching of the Astronomical Theme Park is very good news for all of the people in Vietnam who love science and would love to explore outer space. Astronomy is one of the earliest sciences in human history and has been developing with the advancement of science and technology.

According to Vietnamnet