While there are plenty of other companies working on lab-grown meats using various techniques, Eat Just describes the Singapore government’s review and regulatory approval as a “world first.”

No chickens were killed to obtain the cell line used to produce Eat Just’s cultured meat, global head of communications Andrew Noyes told TechCrunch. Instead, the process starts with cell isolation, where cells are sourced through methods that can include a biopsy from a live animal. After the cells are cultured, they are transferred into a bioreactor, fed with a proprietary mix of proteins, amino acids, minerals, sugars, salts and other nutrients and then harvested after they achieve enough density.

The company said it went through 20 production runs of cell-cultured chicken in 1,200-liter bioreactors to prove the consistency of its manufacturing process. Eat Just also said no antibiotics were used and that its cultured chicken has an “extremely low and significantly cleaner microbiological content than conventional chicken.”

Eat Just also announced its cultured chicken nuggets at 1880, a private member’s club at Robertson Quay. The nuggets are priced at S$23 and served initially as a two-dish combo – chicken and waffles on one plate, and chicken on a Chinese steamed bun on the other.

It will be sold at other food establishments in Singapore, and in retail stores by mid- or late-2022.

According to techcrunch.com and channelnewsasia.com