The first ecological bridge project in Singapore and Southeast Asia was completed in 2013. This $ 16 million bridge is built exclusively for wildlife, as an ecological corridor on the road. Bukit Timah Expressway (Bukit Timah Expressway – BKE), restores connection and ecological balance between the divided habitats in Central Catchment Nature Reserve and Bukit Timah.



The National Park Administration of Singapore (Nparks) believes that more animals crossing the bridge will benefit rare native plants such as palms that are pollinated by animals. The Nparks hopes this new bridge will become a means of exchanging palm genes between two natural reserves, increasing their chances of survival.



when the Bukit Timah highway was completed 25 years ago, wildlife in this area was divided. Many animals were killed by traffic when trying to cross the road to the other side in search of food and mates.



Nparks hopes that in the long term, ecological demand will help restore ecological balance in fragmented natural areas and create environments that encourage biodiversity.



According to the plan, the public will be limited in contact with Eco-Link @ BKE in the first years. Even so, the Nparks will work closely with nature conservation groups to organize field trips where they can go without disturbing the natural life of these reserves in the future.

According to Tuoitre