EurekaPro offers the widest Asian fiat-to-crypto currency support, allowing holders of the Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, and other Asian fiat currencies to seamlessly transact on the EurekaPro exchange. The firm has already launched an open public beta, in which over 8,000 users have signed up in its first week.



With a combined population of 655 million and a rapidly growing middle class, Southeast Asia presents endless opportunities for the blockchain space and is home to a burgeoning blockchain community. EurekaPro aims to bridge the gap between an increasingly tech-savvy population and the blockchain space by enabling unprecedented ease of transaction between fiat and crypto.



Through its exchange that facilitates fiat-to-crypto transactions securely, in real-time, and around the clock, EurekaPro aims to make digital currency more easily accessible to businesses and consumers than ever before.


According to Finews.Asia