In the heart of Bangkok, centrally located and close to public transportation is a shopping mall that lets you see the whole world without leaving The City Of Angels. You don't need your passport; just a good pair of shoes and the desire to spend a few hours soaking in air conditioning. Nine world-famous destinations in one building. That is what you get for visiting the airport-themed shopping mall Terminal 21 on Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit Road.



As a part of the Grande Center Point Sukhumvit, the outside face with glass and steel doors of Terminal 21 Bangkok reflects an airport of the 21st century, and this theme continues to be extended and performed to the inside of the building.

There is also an overlapping escalator network, there are electronic boards which show the flight information you usually see at the airports. In addition, an airport reception desk with uniformed staffs is also an interesting point for the airport theme here.



There is 9 floors of Terminal 21 Bangkok accommodates up to 600 stores, a cineplex, a supermarket (Gourmet Market) and a food court with a variety of Thai food and all of the food in the world will make you hungry. The basement (LG) under the theme of the Caribbean Sea, where you will find Gourmet Market, take away food stalls, food stalls under market style as well as restaurants and bookstores.



Female fashion can be found on the first floor (Tokyo) and male fashion is located on the second floor (London). The 3rd floor is Istanbul, for selling gifts, jewelry, gems, fashion accessories, toys, beauty products and home decoration. With a range of collection stores, this floor looks like a zouk shop in the Middle East but it brings a modern and comfortable feeling.



The special things are showing here, located on the 4th and 5th floor of Terminal 21 Bangkok is San Francisco, where you can find over 50 food shops and cafes waving your mind. There are two categories introduced here: restaurants and independent restaurants combinations, including Pepper Lunch, Secret Recipe, Tony Roma’s, Canton House, Baanying Café and Swensen’s.



With plenty of onsite activities, including shopping, entertainment, dining and extremely central location, Terminal 21 Bangkok is sure to have enough fun to please your family. After coming here, you can quickly go to BTS and go to other amusement parks or go straight to Siam or Khaosan area for night entertainment.



 According to Living Nomad