This snail has this name because its appearance is very special: the shell and body are black and the foot is orange or bright red. It is the only species in the genus Platymma. They can only be found in the Peninsula of Malaysia, and have been identified living in tropical Montane forest areas with altitudes in excess of 1,000 meters

Originally, P. tweediei was found in the Cameron Highlands area of Pahang, but has since been found near the Temengor Forest Reserve and the Pergau River in Kelantan. To date, it cannot be ascertained whether they exist in isolation or their habitat covers the mountainous areas of the northern Peninsula in general.

(Credit: Maxs Exotic Pet Garden)

Due to this species’ very specific environmental needs, with humidity in the town of Tanah Rata, Penang, reaching 79%, it is difficult for them to live captive-bred.

However, now this species is threatened by habitat loss as well as poaching for pets.

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