Not only named as the largest ice park in Southeast Asia today, coming to FROST Magical Ice of Siam, visitors will have a “unique” experience when they are provided with coats and endured the cold. to -10 degrees Celsius. The park will be open every day from 9am to 7pm (except every Wednesday). Admission fee for adults is 80 baht (about 60k), children under 1.3 meters are free.




The indoors section called Siam Heaven or Ice Dome feels like the Arctic with its below zero temperatures and ice sculptures of polar bears, penguins and an igloo, a snow house of the Inuit people living in the Arctic.



The constantly changing light colors give the Ice Dome extra atmosphere. Take fun photos sitting in an ice tuk-tuk or igloo, posing with a snowman or sliding down from an ice slide. Be careful walking on the slippery ice.



At the outside area you will find large sand sculptures, all in white, so it looks like they are covered in snow. After dark spotlights illuminate the sculptures.




The area called Himmapan is named after the legendary Himmapan forest. In Buddhist and Hindu mythology the forest surrounds Mount Meru, the center of the universe. The forest is inhabited by many mythological creatures, trees and plants.



Siam has a long history of ice sculpture in the art world. The highlight of this ice park is the unique ice sculptures that blend Thai and International culture together. It is also the largest ice sculpture site in ASEAN and the first ice dome in Pattaya.

According to Renown Travel, Kenh14