It’s fun, incredibly fast and actually very safe; the company, heralding from New Zealand (the birthplace of the bungy we’re told), boasts a 100% safety record, with over 1 million riders to have successfully made it down to earth with all their organs intact.

G-Max Reverse Bungy operates in seven different countries around the world, and this Singapore spot has become one of the most popular activates at the lively Clarke Quay (that doesn’t involve drinking).  The capsule seats up to five at a time, reaching speeds of up to 200 kmph and 5G of force once they’ve hit that ‘eject’ button. The company has also added a ‘GX-5 Extreme Swing’ alternative at the same spot, which is similar to the original but involves more ‘swinging’, after the initial ejection.

Tickets for either the G-Max Reverse Bungy or GX-5 Extreme Swing cosy SGD 45 per person (SGD 35 for students). They also have a combo deal for both rides – if you can stomach it – for SGD 65 per person. Riders must be over 1.2 metres tall and over 12-years-old. Finding G-Max Reverse Bungy isn’t difficult; it’s quite a landmark at Clarke Quay with the towering white metal supports rising high into the sky, illuminated at night to create even more of a spectacle. Coming by MRT, get off at Clarke Quay station and walk about three minutes from there.

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