The palindromic date, a term indicating the numbers read the same backward and forward, is regarded by many Chinese as successful and favorable, since it contains all even numbers.

According to South China Morning Post, since Jan. 24, nearly 483 couples have registered to marry on 2/22/22 with the Registry of Marriages.

Among other reasons for choosing the palindromic date, one couple, 29-year-old Beatrice Wong and 30-year-old Lim Guo Wei, told The Straits Times they chose 2/22/22 because two is the bride’s favorite number.

“Good things always come in twos, and two is my favorite number. When people ask us about our wedding date (in the future), we will have a story to tell as the date is so memorable,” said Wong.

Joanna Portilla, a solemniser, said that she will be marrying seven couples on 2/22/22 and suggested that many other couples have chosen the date because it is an easy anniversary date to remember.

“Feb. 22 is easy to remember, and it is also an auspicious date. Brides always like such dates as it is easier for their grooms to remember their wedding anniversary,” Portilla told The Straits Times.

Due to the popularity of the date, many solemnisers are now booked on that day for weddings. Wong explained that she and her fiancé had to go through several solemnisers before finding one that was available.

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