The company was founded by Sudono Salim as Lambang Insan Makmur in 1968. The same year the company launched Supermi – Indonesia’s first instant noodles. In 1972, the company launched Indomie instant noodles, one of Indofood’s most famous and best-selling products.

In 1989, the company cooperated with PepsiCo and began to produce snacks such as Chitato, Jetz, and Cheetos. In 1990, the company restructured and changed its name to PT Panganjaya Intikusuma, and renamed a again in 1994 into PT Indofood Sukses Makmur as it is today.

In 2014, Indofood entered the soft drink business with a product called Indofood Asahi. In the same year, Indomie has also accounted for 72% of the market share of instant noodles in Indonesia.

In 2018, Indofood, through its products Indomie, Pop Mie, Chitato and Indomilk, became the official sponsor of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Currently, Indofood’s products are present in many parts of the world, especially the company’s Indomie products.

According to Wikipedia.