Indomaret is predominantly owned by Indoritel and headquartered in Jakarta, with store area of about 200m2. 

The first official Indomaret store was opened in Ancol, North Jakarta in November 1988. By the end of 2021, Indomaret’s store numbers reached more than 19,000, surpassing the Philippines’ Alfamart in terms of the number of convenience stores and rising to become the largest convenience store chain in Southeast Asia.

60% of the total outlets are self-owned and franchised outlets while the remaining 40% are company-owned, scattered in towns in Greater Jakarta, Sumatra (except West Sumatra, where the permit was banned for the protection of small traders), Java, Madura, Lesser Sunda Islands, Kalimantan, Maluku Islands, and Sulawesi.

Indomaret stores are easily found in residential areas, office buildings, and public facilities due to the placement location of outlets being based on the motto “simple and frugal” (Indonesian: mudah dan hemat). Indomaret sells more than 5,000 types of food products and non-food items.

Indomaret also have two sub-brands, Indomaret Point which also serves fast food with table and seats, and the larger Indomaret Fresh which also sell fruits, vegetables and meats.

According to Wikipedia