Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, Director-General of Population and Civil Registry of the Interior Ministry, said that people only need to present a QR code when they need to declare population data. These population data are already stored on the e-KTP.

Talking to local media on December 31, Mr. Zudan stated that e-KTP cards will not need to be printed out like now, but will be saved directly as QR codes on citizens’ mobile phones.

According to Mr. Zudan, people can generate e-KTP QR codes at the local population and civil status registration offices. They will then be given a QR code and a PIN to access residential data through their mobile phone.

Minister Zudan said that the use of e-KTP in the form of QR codes will contribute to speeding up the processing of public services related to population data. In addition, digital citizenship also ensures more security than the physical type. Mr. Zudan explained that there will be no more loss of e-KTP. Accordingly, if the phone is lost, people can receive an application for re-issuance of the e-KTP QR code at the population and civil status registration offices.

According to Mr. Zudan, Indonesia is currently testing QR codes e-KTP in 50 districts and cities across the country.

According to blogtuan.info