The park was built by King Hassanal Bolkiah on an area of 104ha, with a total cost of up to one billion USD. In the park, there are many small islands, dinosaur park (Dino Park), a playground with many thrilling games and cinema for children.

The park began to be designed in the early 1990s and officially opened in 1994. For the first few years of operation, the park was completely free, with no admission fees and free rides. After a few years the park had an entrance fee, but not too much.

In order to increase its attractiveness and attraction, since August 2006, Jerudong Park has been restructuring the entertainment categories, starting with the staging of performances by 7 art teams from the Philippines supervised by Wilhelm Bayona. In December 2006, the Park Management Board also added local artists to the weekend shows.

The park also features a light and music show at the famous fountain. It is also worth noting that inside this amusement park there is also Jerudong Park Medical Center, a lovely beachside hospital with ideal beachfront clinics that provide high-grade medical care services, especially there is a fairly modern cardiovascular center.

According to Wikipedia.