Started construction in 1919, when Malaysia was still a British colony, with many difficulties during construction. The road was officially inaugurated and put into use on June 28, 1924. This was the only land connection between the two countries until the opening of the Tuas Second Link in 1998.

The causeway is about 1km long, with a total length of 2.4km between the two checkpoints. It also serves as a water pipeline between the two countries, with untreated water being sent to Singapore, and some of the treated water being sent back to Malaysia.

It is one of the busiest border crossings in the world, with 350,000 travellers daily. A vast majority of these travellers are Malaysian citizens working or studying in Singapore for its more desirable education and employment opportunities.

The border is handled by immigration authorities of both countries at the Southern Integrated Gateway (Malaysia) and Woodlands Checkpoint (Singapore) respectively.

Both countries permits pedestrians to walk along the entire length of the Causeway by foot, although occasions of pedestrians walking along the entire Causeway is not common.

According to Wikipedia.