In 1975, Tony Tan Caktiong and his family opened a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City which is credited as the first Jollibee outlet. The Magnolia outlets operated by Tan's family began offering hotmeals and sandwiches upon request from the customers which the family found out to be more popular than the franchise' ice cream. In 1978, the family decided to cancel the Magnolia franchise and converted the ice cream parlors they operated into fast food outlets. Management consultant Manuel C. Lumba advised the family of the move.

The company that would be managing the chain of fast food, Jollibee Foods Corporation, was incorporated on January 1978.By the end of that year, there were 7 branches in Metro Manila. The first franchised outlet of Jollibee opened in Santa Cruz, Manila in 1979.

Jollibee is a Filipino-style fast food restaurant with American-influenced dishes specializing in burgers, chicken and some local Filipino dishes. Italian-American cuisine is also served, an example of this is their spaghetti, branded as Meatiest, Cheesiest Spaghetti. In the Philippines, Jollibee serves Coca-Cola products for its beverages; in overseas markets, the chain serves Pepsi products.

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