Khanom Jeen refers to the rice noodles dish. It is not in a soup, it is not stir-fried, but a bit like wet spaghetti. Namya is the fish curry that is poured over the Khanom Jeen, and is the most popular sauce for this style of noodles in southern Thailand.



Kanom jeen is a main dish commonly eaten in Thai breakfast or lunch. The main ingredient of the dish is pasta, the special feature is that these noodles are made from fermented rice, so they have a very special taste.



The next feature is the sauce, the sauce of fermented noodles is fish curry, made with curry powder, coconut milk, spices and a piece of fish has removed the bone. The rest are very rich vegetables such as bean sprouts, green beans, banana flowers …

Almost every Thai tourist who enjoys kanom jeen will feel its unique and exotic taste. And they likened it to the famous Italian Spaghetti. To make this noodle dish requires chefs to be very sophisticated and have a long experience.



If the dish is eaten at home, people often buy packaged fermented noodles, pour boiling water, roll and drain to make kanom jeen. But in restaurants, kanom jeen is handmade, they use naturally fermented noodles made by the chef.




Sauces are made from a mixture of curry, coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar and fish. In particular, the fish must be simmered, removed from bones and punctured, mixed with curry, then continued to simmer.

Vegetables such as bean sprouts, chopped banana flowers, short beans, sauerkraut, bitter melon, basil … all chopped to separate. Finally, pour sauce over the bowl of noodles, on top of the vegetables.

According to Dan Viet Media