Also known as Sakijang Pelepah Island, Lazarus is a part of the South Singapore Islands, connecting St John Island by a paved bridge. This place appears with a wild beauty with smooth stretch of white sand and enchanting blue sea water. There are very few people currently living so when setting foot on the island will give you a feeling of loneliness, pigs are smoking, but that's why the island has something very mysterious.



In addition, this pristine island is also considered as the "kingdom of cats" of Singapore. You can see cats anywhere, anytime in Lazarus. Cats originally lived on the nearby island of St John, with more than 100 cats and most of them are feral cats.



They walk around the beach and are always friendly when meeting tourists. You can quickly make friends to petting them while they are eating. In particular, there is also a very famous cat, dubbed "the cat of the pirate". According to information from the island, the number of cats here is increasing, and more than the number of people living on the island. Lazarus is definitely a paradise for cat lovers.



However, there are also some mandatory regulations that people visiting the island must follow to ensure they do not affect the health of cats. One of them is not allowed to arbitrarily feed them miscellaneous food, as they may be obese or suffer from other gastrointestinal problems. There must have been a professional care team to take care of all the cats here.

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