Miwaku means the charming appeal. As the name implies, Miwaku brings diners not only a seat at the same level as the clouds but also the fresh seasonal ingredients imported from Japan every week.

Miwaku as a luxurious destination, away from all the noisy and bustling Omakase artistry, is meant to be an oddity. It is supposed to represent the height of accessible Japanese luxury dining. It is not only a finely crafted restaurant, it has carved out its own chunk and transformed it into a Japanese village. It is the heartbeat of Miwaku as the delicious food and sumptuous alcohol all flow from within this “house”.

Launched in April 2019, Miwaku located on the 80th floor of Landmark 81 attracts attention because it is not only the tallest restaurant in Southeast Asia and the 8th highest in the world, but also has a unique style of cuisine and service.

Top notch cuisine does not stop at luxurious ingredients or sophisticated processing but also associated with emotions. Diners not only enjoy the taste of the moment but also feel the happiness and love in each beautiful memory or memory. “Omakase”, the culinary style of the Japanese aristocracy, has been refined and brought to Miwaku Premium by the famous chef of 30 years of experience, Tatsuya Saito.

Only talented and experienced chefs are brave enough to take on the role of “conductor” of an Omakase-style meal (meaning “trust” in Japanese). Along with that, you can talk directly with the chef to better understand the spirit of the dish, how to enjoy it as well as feel the heart and enthusiasm that the chef puts in each of his dishes.. Precious wines and premium drinks will continue to be brought to blend with each individual dish.

The “trust” in Omakase is also evident in the origin of official ingredients, premium Kobe, sturgeon caviar served with gold leaf, Tsarskaya oysters, classy Sous Vide salmon, foie gras, French duck breast or Hokkaido scallops, Japanese imported Bluefin Tuna, Alaska lobster, are raised to the next level with a blend of Italian cuisine. Each dish is cared for, elaborated in presentation as a true work of art, from colors, shapes to adornment.

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