After setting foot on the Everest Base Camp in 2014, he had set himself the goal of climbing the world’s highest mountain. He received a certificate issued by the Department of Tourism of Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, verifying his climb to the top of the 8,849-metre-high mountain.

By standing on the “top of the world” at the age of 64, Mr. Elanghovan has become the oldest Malaysian as well as the oldest person in Southeast Asia to conquer Mount Everest.

Elango was part of a three-man expedition team which included T. Ravichandran, 57, better known as Ravi Everest. The third climber in the team was United States-based Indian national Sidharth Routray, 40. All three reached the majestic Everest peak, in which T. Ravichandran has been on this summit twice.

Asked about his next mission, Elango said he plans to scale the G7 – seven summits in seven continents – in his attempt to conquer all the highest peaks in the seven continents.

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