On June 28, 2019, dentist Napassaporn “Eem” Chumnarnsit posted on her Facebook page that she had reached the summit of Mount Denali, the highest mountain in North America, making her officially the first woman in Southeast Asia to conquer the seven highest peaks in the world.

She said that it took her about one year to prepare herself physically and mentally to conquer this summit. She has previously climbed Mount Everest (May 19, 2016), Mount Aconcagua in Argentina (December 17, 2017), Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (March 3, 2017), Mount Elbrus in southern Russia (August 14, 2017), Mount Puncak Jaya in Papua New Guinea (March 10, 2018) and the Vinson Massif in Antarctica (December 5, 2018).

A year earlier, she had tried to climb Mount Denali once but failed, so she tried a lot to be able to complete this climb.

After securing sponsorship from Suunto, a Finnish sporting accessories firm under the Trai Savannah Thailand project, Dr. Eem and her team set off for their second attempt in early June.

Although going with a climbing group, in the end, only dentist Eem and her guide made it to the top.

According to thaipbsworld.com