The National Library of Indonesia is the legal deposit library of Indonesia. It is located at Gambir, on the south side of Merdeka Square, Jakarta. It serves primarily as a humanities library alongside several others holding national responsibilities for science and agriculture.

The national library was established in 1980 through a decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the consolidation of four different libraries. The earliest collections originated from the library of the National Museum, opened in 1868 and formerly operated by the Royal Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences, the first of its kind in Asia.

The previous library building was opened in 1988 with financial support from the Former First Lady of Indonesia Tien Suharto.

The new library building, which took almost three years to build, is 126.3 meters tall, and has 24 floors. It was planned in line with “green building” concepts. Membership cards and books are equipped with Radio-frequency identification devices for security and to monitor the inventory.

The library maintains bibliographies of the state ideology Pancasila and Javanese manuscripts. It also develops an independent computer housekeeping system and implements the MARC standards. In January 2017, the National Library of Indonesia partnered with Neliti, a freely available repository of publications from Indonesian research institutions.

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