NEWater is a brand of drinking water from Singapore Public Utilities Board’s water recycling technology. NEWater can be considered as one of the “No difficulties, No discoveries” of Singaporeans, always thinking and brainstorming to create value. Thanks to this technology, Singapore has significantly reduced the cost of importing water from Malaysia.

Membrane technology for wastewater treatment is called NEWater, started by Singapore’s water management agency PUB in the 1970s. Before that, water was collected through sewers, canals, rivers, rainwater, collection ponds and reservoirs to store water from 2/3 of the territory. Technology of treating wastewater into drinking water is completely feasible, even the United States applies this technology in water treatment.


The high quality recycled water source, named NEWater, must undergo hundreds of tests to ensure safety and sustainability. The first factory went into operation in 2002.

An international group of experts in engineering, biomedical science, chemistry and water treatment technology, assesses NEWater is always safe and high quality, while meeting the requirements of the World Health Organization ( WHO) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) on drinking water.

They recommend using NEWater indirectly as drinking water, so the water from the factories will be released into natural water reservoirs. This water mixture undergoes naturalization and deep treatment in conventional water treatment systems to create drinking water at the tap for residents.

Because it reaches super cleanliness, NEWater is used mainly in industry or in the air conditioning process in wafer factories (thin silicon sheets to manufacture semiconductor chips), factories, commercial buildings … This water source is most commonly used in wafer factories – where water standards are even stricter than drinking water.

Currently, Singapore has 4 water recycling plants Newater: Bedok (2002), Kranji (2002), Ulu Pandan (2007) and Changi (2009). this is used for drinking, the remainder is used for crops.

According to VnExpress