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Wat Samphran – The undiscovered pink dragon temple just outside of Bangkok

( Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that owns many different temples and temples with its own unique features. Among the many sacred temples of Thai land, Wat Samphran owns a unique architecture with a giant dragon curled around a unique pink tower.

Philippines: The country in Southeast Asia achieved many of the highest crown from beauty pageants in the world

( Philippines is the country that owns many of the highest titles from major beauty pageants in the world. This country won three Miss Universe, five Miss International and one Miss World title.

The mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

( Around Phonsavan, the main city of Xiangkhoang province in Laos, is a large plain with thousands of stone jars. Believed to have once stored either human remains or rice wine, thousands of mysterious stone jars lie in ruin.

The Philippines is the country with the longest Christmas in Southeast Asia

( The southeast Asian island nation has the world’s longest festive season – and pulls no punches in its celebratory zeal for the period, with lavish light displays, masses, and festivals held throughout the country from September until January.

Exploring Terminal 21 Shopping Mall – Each floor of the mall is a world-famous city

( Terminal 21 Bangkok which makes your dream of traveling around the world come true in the center of Bangkok, with a unique and new idea that brings some of the world’s most famous cities close together.

Helix Bridge – The spectacular bridge of Singapore

( Singapore is the most developed country with millions of billionaires living here. Along with that are the unique architectural works that have surprised the whole world. It is shown in part through famous bridges. Prominent is the Helix bridge - the first double helix bridge in the world.

Myanmar is the best conservation site for large group of rare crane species in Southeast Asia

( Ornithologists from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) were excited to find a large sarus crane population in the wetlands surrounding Indawgyi Lake in Kachin State, Myanmar, while undertaking a recent water bird census.

The Philippines Has A Bizarre Massage Practice Involving Giant Snakes

( Exotic massages come in many varieties, and but perhaps none is as exotic as that offered by the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines. The spa treatment features no soothing palms or fingers, but the cool, slithering mass of Burmese python flesh.

Maeklong Railway Market (Thailand) – The most unique train market in Bangkok

( Maeklong Railway Market is one of the biggest attractions in the Bangkok area. It is an authentic Thai market well known for trains running through it. The vendors´ stalls with fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, drinks or sweets are set right next to the railway. Only a few minutes before the train arrives, they lift the flexible roofs to make room for the train. When the train leaves, life continues normally, and the railway serves as a passageway between the vendors´ delicious goods.

Get ‘Cooked Alive’ in These Traditional Philippine Kawa Baths

( Nothing beats a warm bubble bath after surviving a long stressful week. It’s invigorating for the senses and relaxes those strained muscles. In the Philippines, there are so-called kawa baths that are just as relaxing. The only difference is you’ll experience being ‘cooked alive’ in a huge cauldron.

Sumeru Temple (Thailand) – The temple floating on the water is protected by giant Anondha fish

( Thailand is known as the "land of the Golden Temple" as the country owns hundreds of large or small temples/pagodas, and some temples has ancient architecture. One of them can not be ignored is Sumeru Temple - a unique temple, guarded by Anondha fish.

Singapore – The place Google established its headquarter in Southeast Asia area

( Singapore is the first country where Google has an office in Southeast Asia. The Google office here is seen as the main center for this multinational technology giant's operations in Southeast Asia and Asia. It is directly responsible for business operations in the Asia-Pacific region, including YouTube, Android and products belonging to the company's "ecosystem in general".

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