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Tsagaan Sar: How to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Mongolia?

Technically Tsagaan Sar allows all Mongolians to proud of their national heritage, culture, tradition, and custom. Tsagaan Sar gives an opportunity to unite families...

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur ‘s 3D golden bull animation charging out of a giant LED screen

At the forefront of innovation, Pavilion KL is the first in Malaysia to showcase a 3D animation show of a Golden Bull, charging with...

Jiaozi – The dumpling that brings luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year

These round dumplings signify a family reunion as most families spend New Year’s Eve together preparing them before eating them at midnight. Jiao Zi...

Singaporeans encouraged to give e-hongbao this Chinese New Year as safer, environmentally friendlier option

  One way to send e-hongbao is via PayNow. Some Singaporeans prefer gifting new physical notes but these are often returned to the banks by...

The custom wearing polka dots clothes in the new year of Filipinos

Filipinos are very fond of circles. The circle is said to represent prosperity in this Southeast Asian country. Banquet tables often have fruit arranged...

Mobiado released high-end smartphone version of Golden Ox to welcome the New Year 2021

With the hope of a good and successful new year, Mobiado officially launches the Forma Yoto version with golden buffalo motifs. The image of...

Chinese New Year street light-up in Chinatown will be turned off for 4 days to reduce crowding

In a press release, MSE said the light-up along South Bridge Road, New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street will not be turned...

Southeast Asia’s largest Chinatown in Bangkok

( Chinatown in Bangkok is truly amazing. Visitors are fascinated by the hustle and bustle, the colorful lights and vibrant colors, the beautiful Chinese temples and the huge choice of street food. On a tour to the Chinese Quarter of Bangkok, you will get to know the Thai capital from a different side.

MassKara — The most colourful festival of smile in Philippines

( Join the annual colorful MassKara festival in Bacolod, the City of Smiles. Find out about the cultural importance of this festival and what to expect when you take part in the festivities.

Temburong (Brunei) : The longest oversea bridge in Southeast Asia

( Temburong Bridge is a 30-kilometre (19-mile) bridge currently under construction in Brunei. It will connect Mengkubau and Sungai Besar in Brunei-Muara District and Labu Estate in Temburong District.

Tanjong Pagar terminal (Singapore) – The first container terminal in Southeast Asia

( The iconic Tanjong Pagar Terminal - just a stone's throw from the city's commercial centre - has been a significant cornerstone of Singapore as a global port city.

Clement Canopy (Singapore) – The tallest modular tower in Southeast Asia

( By using modular method in building, the tallest modular tower in Southeast Asia has completed in Singapore.

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Singapore’s Street Food Vendors Rapidly Adopt Digital Payments

Transactions crossed the 1.2-million-mark in January with a value of $10.6 million, a new high. This is a 400-per cent increase compared to June...

[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights March 1, 2021 – Nike’s hands-free GO FlyEase sneaker is ‘easy-on, easy-off’

The GO FlyEase is essentially two sections of the trainer connected with a bi-stable hinge that keeps the shoe secure in a fully open...

[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights March 1, 2021 – Josh Micro smart home control button learns your preferences with AI

The Josh Micro smart home control button is a artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Internet of Things (IoT) hardware solution for users who are in search...

Top Southeast Asian companies owing well-known products – P3. M_Service (Vietnam): Momo e-wallet leads the way to become the largest super application in...

Momo is an electronic wallet, using accounts to pay for the most popular online transactions today such as: payment for electricity, water, tuition, top-up,...