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Marvel Experience Thailand (Thailand): The first Marvel theme park in Southeast Asia

Covering 2 hectares, the "Marvel Experience Thailand" is divided into two main zones: The Reception Building and the Attraction Zone. The Reception Building includes the...

Omni-Theater (Singapore): The First 3D 8K Digital Dome Theater in Southeast Asia

Omni-Theater was founded in 1987, unlike conventional theaters, Omni-Theater is equipped with a powerful digital astronomical system that allows visitors to see through space...

Carnival Magic (Thailand): The first Thai Carnival Theme Park in Southeast Asia

Carnival Magic is one of the largest nightlife theme parks ever built and the first of its kind in the world. Inspired by the...

Thailand was the first country in Southeast Asia to take Esports into University

For esports to thrive, people need to change their minds. Thailand understands this and has started a campaign to bring esports to universities. They...

Ligiron Racing: The first wooden extreme sport racing in Southeast Asia

For more than half a century now, a lowly original Filipino homemade four-wheeled bamboo and wooden cart called ligiron is still the undisputed downhill...

ESCAPE theme park Penang (Malaysia) – The only place in Southeast Asia with the longest waterslide in the world rides through the forest

( The waterslide at the Escape theme park, Penang Island, Malaysia, has a record length of 1,140 m and a height of 70 m, the total time of sliding through the treetops up to 4 minutes.

Raya and the Last Dragon – The first Disney movie on Southeast Asian Cultures and Diversity

( Inspired by the beautiful and diverse cultures of Southeast Asia, Raya and the Last Dragon will explore themes of community and hope.

Splat Paint House (Singapore) : The first art jamming studio in Southeast Asia

( Art is messy, and Splat Paint House is well aware of that. The two-month pop-up at Joo Chiat co-working space Mox is all about expressing your creativity with paint, but the rules don’t apply here. So shed your inhibitions but don some protective coveralls, ’cause the studio hosts “splatter sessions” for visitors to design a colorful canvas of their own by way of flinging paint, using spray bottles, and even shooting water guns.

Most Read

Capitol Theater (Singapore): The first theater in Southeast Asia to have a rotating floor system for multiple purposes

The beauty and heritage of Capitol Theatre is discernible from the minute you step in. A sense of taste, refinement and savoir-faire befitting its...

Ramkhamhaeng Inscription (Thailand) : The oldest surviving inscription of Thai writing system in Southeast Asia

Thai, which is sometimes referred to as Siamese, is part of the Tai language family. The languages in this family belong to the much...

Ah Meng (Singapore): The first and only orangutan to be awarded the title of “Tourism Ambassador” in Southeast Asia

Ah Meng was the head of her small clan, which lives in a large enclosure with about twenty other orangutans. She had five children,...

Phsar Thom Thmei (Cambodia) : The market with the largest dome in Southeast Asia

Before the completion of Phsar Thmei in 1937, the area on which the market now stands was occupied by a swamp fed by runoff...