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Unique Culture and Socitety

EXPLORASOUND (Vietnam): The first museum of sounds in Southeast Asia

Explorasound is built inside Dak Nong Provincial Cultural Center Located on “Sound of the Earth” route, the EXPLORASOUND is a destination that visitors should not...

MEMORY! (Myanmar): First festival in Southeast Asia dedicated to film heritage

Memory’s goal is also to prove to both the public and professionals that heritage is necessary to create a vibrant film industry. Finally, Memory!...

Sappaya-Sapasathan (Thailand): Southeast Asia ‘s largest parliament building

The building's design was inspired by a classic Thai Buddhist tale, Trai Bhum Phra Ruang, and was made to look like a temple as...

Madura Island (Indonesia): The largest traditional salt production place in Southeast Asia

Madura Island is the main salt supplier in Indonesia and this has been going on since 500 years ago. That panic of Madura Island...

Wat Traimit (Thailand): The temple has the largest golden Buddha statue in Southeast Asia

The Golden Buddha, officially titled Phra Phuttha Maha Suwanna Patimakon; it is located in the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand. According to records, the Golden...

Singapore’s Street Food Vendors Rapidly Adopt Digital Payments

Transactions crossed the 1.2-million-mark in January with a value of $10.6 million, a new high. This is a 400-per cent increase compared to June...

Tsagaan Sar: How to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Mongolia?

Technically Tsagaan Sar allows all Mongolians to proud of their national heritage, culture, tradition, and custom. Tsagaan Sar gives an opportunity to unite families...

Jiaozi – The dumpling that brings luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year

These round dumplings signify a family reunion as most families spend New Year’s Eve together preparing them before eating them at midnight. Jiao Zi...

MassKara — The most colourful festival of smile in Philippines

( Join the annual colorful MassKara festival in Bacolod, the City of Smiles. Find out about the cultural importance of this festival and what to expect when you take part in the festivities.

Tanjong Pagar terminal (Singapore) – The first container terminal in Southeast Asia

( The iconic Tanjong Pagar Terminal - just a stone's throw from the city's commercial centre - has been a significant cornerstone of Singapore as a global port city.

Leang Bulu’Sipong (Indonesia) – The cave has a oldest painting in Southeast Asia

( A newly discovered painting in a remote cave depicts a hunting scene, and it's the oldest story that has been recorded. And if Griffith University archaeologist Maxime Aubert and his colleagues are right, it could also be the first record of spiritual belief—and our first insight into what the makers of cave art were thinking.

Sak Yant Festival (Thailand) : The Magical Tattoo Festival in Southeast Asia

( Every March about 30 miles outside of Bangkok thousands gather to watch or participate in the ‘Sak Yant’ festival held at the Wat Bang Phra Buddist temple; Sak means “tap tattoo” and Yant translates into “sacred design”. Devotees believe that the tattoos are magical, can ward off physical harm, give good luck and have healing powers.

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Capitol Theater (Singapore): The first theater in Southeast Asia to have a rotating floor system for multiple purposes

The beauty and heritage of Capitol Theatre is discernible from the minute you step in. A sense of taste, refinement and savoir-faire befitting its...

Ramkhamhaeng Inscription (Thailand) : The oldest surviving inscription of Thai writing system in Southeast Asia

Thai, which is sometimes referred to as Siamese, is part of the Tai language family. The languages in this family belong to the much...

Ah Meng (Singapore): The first and only orangutan to be awarded the title of “Tourism Ambassador” in Southeast Asia

Ah Meng was the head of her small clan, which lives in a large enclosure with about twenty other orangutans. She had five children,...

Phsar Thom Thmei (Cambodia) : The market with the largest dome in Southeast Asia

Before the completion of Phsar Thmei in 1937, the area on which the market now stands was occupied by a swamp fed by runoff...