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The Hive: Unique disum-shaped steamed building in Singapore

The dimsum steamer-shaped building was designed by famous British architect Thomas Heatherwich. This design was also the finalist of the World Architecture Festival architecture...

Meet the Buton tribe of Indonesia, whose people have dazzling blue eyes

Aside from their way of life, customs, and traditions, there isn't much to physically distinguish them from regular folk. But there's an Indonesian tribe...

Khun Benz (Thailand): The first restaurant in Southeast Asia to bring a meal experience on a “bird’s nest”

Khun Benz restaurant offers a unique service of enjoying a meal on a triangular "nest". Khun Benz is located on eucalyptus trees over 8...

Ligiron Racing: The first wooden extreme sport racing in Southeast Asia

For more than half a century now, a lowly original Filipino homemade four-wheeled bamboo and wooden cart called ligiron is still the undisputed downhill...

Kaeng Lamduan Rapids: The place where the shrimps “parade” on the ground

As it got dark, shrimp started to rise out of the water, crawling along the rocks along the river’s edge. This strange parade that...

Vietnam successfully clones endangered pig breed

The National Institute of Animal Sciences under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced Sunday that four baby Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs have been...

Tinikling – The Bird-like National Dance Of The Philippines

( The Tinikling is the official national dance of the Philippines and one of the oldest dances in the archipelago. It is characterized by the movements of one or more dancers between two bamboo poles while these are beaten in a certain rhythm against each other and onto the ground.

The mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

( Around Phonsavan, the main city of Xiangkhoang province in Laos, is a large plain with thousands of stone jars. Believed to have once stored either human remains or rice wine, thousands of mysterious stone jars lie in ruin.

Exploring Terminal 21 Shopping Mall – Each floor of the mall is a world-famous city

( Terminal 21 Bangkok which makes your dream of traveling around the world come true in the center of Bangkok, with a unique and new idea that brings some of the world’s most famous cities close together.

Maeklong Railway Market (Thailand) – The most unique train market in Bangkok

( Maeklong Railway Market is one of the biggest attractions in the Bangkok area. It is an authentic Thai market well known for trains running through it. The vendors´ stalls with fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, drinks or sweets are set right next to the railway. Only a few minutes before the train arrives, they lift the flexible roofs to make room for the train. When the train leaves, life continues normally, and the railway serves as a passageway between the vendors´ delicious goods.

Omni Theater (Singapore) – The first 8K 3D digital dome theatre in Southeast Asia

( Stretching 180 degrees from wall to wall and tilted at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon, the screen “wraps” the audience to cover 80% of a hemisphere so that the image is beyond a person's field of vision.

Mahatat Temple (Thailand) – Unique temple with a stone Buddha image hidden in the ancient fig tree roots in Southeast Asia

( The Buddha image surrounded by ancient tree roots is a strange image in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. The beautiful, holy 700-year-old statue gives a peaceful feeling to visitors.

Most Read

Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim (Malaysia) : The longest rainforest canopy walk in Southeast Asia

It is located in the unspoiled scenery of Sungai Sedim Recreational Park, about 30 minutes drive from the town of Kulim in Kedah. It took...

Vietnam-Malaysia-India container shipping route inaugurated

A VIMC representative said the route is expected to ease pressure on cargo transportation, stabilise the supply of transport services and support domestic firms. On...

Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore) : The first person to create a dictionary made of short films about Southeast Asia

His work in Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia brings together fact and myth to mobilize different understandings of Southeast Asia's history, politics, and religion,...

Home of Heroes (Cambodia) : Southeast Asia’s first retirement home for bomb-sniffing dogs

“These dogs have spent their lives travelling the world, finding explosives after wars and saving hundreds of lives. They are heroes,” says Yulia Khouri,...